Millions of dollars are lost every year on stolen or missing assets

Every day, thousands of operations occur in warehouses and production plants. From storage of raw materials, distribution to production lines, palletization, sorting, and transportation, assets undergo movements and transformations that increase their probability of being damaged, lost or stolen. Of course, nobody wants a forklift moving without any package, or a truck waiting in line to be loaded. We've all heard of storage facilities where merchandise gets lost because it isn't in the virtual inventory, even when it was reported on the last physical review. If you've been following the news the last two years, you've probably heard of Industry 4.0. Is a revolution really going on out there?

Our AI cameras and RF sensors can keep track of your assets in real time

It's hard to keep millions of products on check. Could it be possible to track them from raw materials in a field or mine to the hands of the end consumer? Even on a controlled space you'd need dozens of operators running inventories every week or month, and once outside it, you'd probably lose sight of it. Maybe you have a more advanced facility already using RFID tags or drones. However, it's probably one of those Impinj, Alien or Zebra boxes that detect the product when it enters or leaves the warehouse. Quantum Labs has created an integrated solution for tracking your assets through the whole supply chain. Using our AI cameras you can detect defective parts, track employee and truck activities, forklift productivity and more. Our RF sensors provide identification of all your assets based on the power of blockchains.

You've probably heard about Google AutoML, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure or Salesforce Einstein. They're super cool. However, we think our cutting-edge activity detection can take you to the next level. Specially because it works offline and in real time, while our competitors can only handle pictures sent to a server.

Our products

Our integrated solution consists of three parts working together to cover the whole supply chain.

AI Camera

Our AI camera uses deep learning algorithms to detect, identify and track everything happening in the warehouse and production plant. We can count and identify products, detect broken or defective parts, trigger alerts or actions on activities' start or end, and track productivity of forklifts, people and trucks.

RF Sensor

We'll be honest with you. Computer vision is not enough to reliably keep track of things. Visibility can be lost because of obstacles in the line of sight or bad weather. We designed an RF sensor that supports our cameras for identification of products and information storage. However, it can also work standalone if you only need asset management and not activity or anomaly detection.

Long-Range Autonomous Drone

Our cameras and sensors can work inside trucks or in your customers' stores to provide visibility outside the plant or warehouse. However, some of our customers also want to know who bought their product or some of their clients don't allow for installation of hardware. Sometimes they also need to track livestock or other things on large spaces like stadiums or crops. We designed a drone that can patrol autonomously using our AI camera and RF sensor onboard.

How much does it cost?

All of this sounds amazing, right? You're probably wondering how much does it cost. No worries, we've got you covered. We provide different subscription rates according to your needs. Write us an email or call us to get a quote.